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25 au 28 avril 2012 : colloque ‘Mercator Revisited – Cartography in the Age of Discovery’ à Saint Nicolas en Belgique

A l’occasion de la célébration des 500 ans de la naissance de Mercator, une conférence est organisée sur la cartographie (colloque en anglais), du 25 au 28 avril 2012 à Saint Nicolas en Belgique

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Gerard Mercator, University are delighted to announce the international conference conference will take place from April 25th till 28 where Gerard de Kremer was born on the 5th of Mercator in specific in the 16th century. The scientific obligation to collect, record and categorise the world craftsmen and humanists combined, influenced by international politics, science and philosophy. Their maps not only reflect the factual discoveries of the time but also the environments within Interest in Mercator’s work peaked with the Mercator Years of 1994 and 1995, when he was once more established as one of the most important geographers in the history of early modern cartography. Relying on information from created world maps of renowned quality and precision. In the process he developed the Mercator projection, in which lines of constant bearing are always straight, and he coined the term ‘Atlas’. Since the 1990’s, new lines of approach and research methods may have been developed that can shed a new light on of Mercator and his contemporaries. This conference aims at giving a fresh impetus to interest in the subject and is open to contributors with a background in a.o. geography,

Topics : The conference focuses on the following five main themes :
1. Science and technology as related to cartography in the age of Mercator : surveying instruments techniques, trigonometry, map projections (and their implications for navigation) …
2. Mercator’s inspiration and cartographic output : his training, his resources, comparative studies with other cartographic products of his time …
3. Cartography in the Age of Discovery : impact of the expanding world view and shifting territorial boundaries on map representations, iconography of maps …
4. New ways of approaching cartographic heritage in view of new techniques, preferably related to 16 century maps and globes
5. Mercator’s entourage, world view, philosophy and cosmology
In addition, contributions regarding other aspects of the life and work of Mercator may be proposed.

En savoir plus : http://www.mercatorconference2012.be

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